• "This office has always given my family wonderful service. The location is convenient, the  environment cheery, and the staff and dentist are exceptional."
  • "Everyone from check-in to check-out is wonderful!"
  • "Our daughter has been a patient of Marquette Pediatric Dentistry for over 3 years. It is worth the 2 hour drive to bring her to an office that makes going to the dentist enjoyable. The staff and Dr. Tyler gain the trust of children through patience, fun, and creativity. I would definitely recommend their office to friends and family."
  • "I wish I had a dentist like Dr. Erika! Even after having dental work my kids are excited to return for their next appointment." 
  • "Absolutely love this place and all the staff are kind and understanding; would definitely recommend it to people." 
  • "My boys LOVE coming to the dentist and always ask when their next appointment is.  Bringing my children to Dr. Erika was the best choice I made for dental care."
  •  "Our family absolutely loves your office and all staff.  It has been a fantastic experience for our family and we recommend you to all of our friends."
  •  "Dr. Erika and her staff understand children in a way no one else does.  We love the toys in the playroom and trips to the treasure box!" 
  • "You have an outstanding staff.  I can't say enough about how well my son has been treated by Dr. Erika and everyone!"
  •  "I appreciate your time and effort put into answering all my questions and making sure emotionally I was okay, as some dental situations, especially those involving a young child, can be overwhelming." 
  • "We just love it here!  Tessa is a nervous child and the friendly staff keeps her waiting in excitement to come back!  Thanks so much!"
  • "Great office staff.  Very patient dealing with insurance delays.  Everyone is very upbeat and positive which leaves my daughter with a smile on her face when we leave." 
  • "Dr. Erika and staff do a wonderful job.  My son, Sawyer, loves coming here!  I'm always talking up the office.  Thanks everyone for all you do!"
  •  "Your staff is AMAZING with my kids and all others.  We really appreciate all your help keeping my kids' teeth healthy and clean!  You are all wonderful people, we love you!  Thank you!"

  • "I have two special needs children that would not tolerate care at our family dentist. Dr. Erika and her staff took the time to let them gently acclimate to the dentist office environment. The staff challenged their fears just enough to get them to participate more at each appointment, but didn't push them so hard that it made my children uncomfortable and increase their fears. After being patients here for four years, both of my children can participate as fully as typical children do. Thanks to all of the staff at Marquette Pediatric Dental Clinic for their caring, persistent patience."

  • "The staff is amazing with all kids. Mine are super crazy shy and the staff is so patient and kind with them. Not to mention they do great dental work!"

  • "My children ages 9 and 6 have been going to Marquette Pediatric Dentistry for the last 5yrs. They love going to the dentist to see Dr. Erika and that was very important to me to establish at a young age.  The office is very inviting and fun for the kids as well as the parents! The hygienists and staff are super friendly and great with kids, which is a must! They are very kind, patient and professional. Most importantly Dr. Erika has the most gentle and sweet demeanor, doing only what is best for your child. What I appreciate most about my experience with Dr. Erika is when my children have needed work done she understands that my children handle things differently and she only does as much as they can handle leaving them both with only a pleasant dental experience. As a bonus the at the end of the appointment the kids get to hit up the treasure chest which is always a hit! I would and I have recommended Marquette Pediatric Dentistry!"

  • "My boys have been patients of Dr. Erika's for quite some time and we have always been comforted by all the staff in her office. We have many times recommended her clinic to anyone we talk to. I just wish us grown-ups could use her services."

  • "I love taking my kids to see Dr. Erika and her staff and I'm so very grateful to have their service in our local area. The staff members are so professional and they all love children. It's so comforting as a parent to see your kids enjoying their trips to the dentist! Dr. Erika is phenomenal as well - loves kids, provides effective education, and is understanding and obviously very well-versed in child development and psychology! I truly believe that this is an extraordinary business and I appreciate all of you so much!"