Our Team

Our Pediatric Dental Team

Mr. Brad - Dental Assistant (and Future Dentist!)

MrBrad.jpgMr. Brad is one of Marquette Pediatric Dentistry's wonderful dental assistants. Mr. Brad specializes in providing a caring and fun environment for your child in our clinical area, and assisting in their proper chair-side care during their treatment. 
A graduate of the University of Michigan, Mr. Brad plans to become a pediatric dentist. 
In his spare time - you will catch Mr. Brad on the volleyball court, basketball court, or hitting that perfect yoga pose!

Ms. Jen - Registered Dental Assistant

MsJen (1 of 1)Ms. Jen is another incredible part of Marquette Pediatric Dentistry. For over 10 years Ms. Jen has been providing quality chair-side care for the children of the Upper Peninsula at Marquette Pediatric Dentistry.
Ms. Jen will be found during our 'Getting Ready for in Office Treatment' appointments. These prepare our younger children for treatment while building their confidence and trust in us through a stress-free environment. This culminates with Ms. Jen being the dental assistant present during treatment. Ms. Jen loves creating a consistent presence for your child's first treatment. 
When not creating a wonderful experience for your child, Ms. Jen loves spending time with her husband, Wilson, and their three children. 

Ms. Lisa - Registered Dental Hygienist

MsLisa (1 of 1)Ms. Lisa is the final in our all-too-fun cast of pediatric hygienists. Ms. Lisa has an incredible skill-set brought to us from the world of orthodontics to work with you and your child to create and maintain their healthy smile. 
Ms. Lisa is a Negaunee, MI native who loves spending time outdoors - skiing, hiking, biking, golfing, and time at camp make life a blast. Doing these activities with her husband, Derek, and daughter, make a good time a great time. Family time is the best time for Ms. Lisa, and we feel the same!


Ms. Taylor - Hygiene Assistant

MsTaylor (1 of 1)Ms. Taylor is an absolute Sunshine Pumper! Ms. Taylor assists our incredible pediatric hygiene team in our 'Big Kid Room.' Life is busy, and Ms. Taylor is here to help with that. She ensures your child's regularly scheduled oral hygiene checks are both fun and speedy. 
When not creating a fun environment at MPD, Ms. Taylor enjoys spending time with her husband, Cody, and their two children.  


Miss Whitney - Dental Assistant

MissWhitney.jpgMiss Whitney rounds out our Dental Assistant Dream Team here at Marquette Pediatric Dentistry! 
In addition to helping provide a comfortable, warm environment for your child during treatment, Miss Whitney enjoys educating your family and answering any and all questions you may have regarding the growth of your child's healthy smile. 
Outside of the dental home, Miss Whitney gains her joy from adventuring with her daughter, Ariea, hanging at the beach, and lounging in her hammock!


Our Business Team

Mr. Chris - Public Relations Coordinator

MrChris.jpgMr. Chris is our resident goofball - look for the man in the lobster hat!
A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Mr. Chris coordinates our events, receives your feedback to improve your experience as a guest in our dental home, and takes every opportunity to play with the kiddos in our playroom. 
Outside of the office, Mr. Chris gains his happiness through time spent with his partner-in-crime, Olivia, celebrating another Green Bay Packers' win, and loving all things Star Wars!

Ms. Corey - Finance Administrator

MsCorey (1 of 1)Ms. Corey is an expert when it comes to keeping you informed, and answering questions you may have, regarding your investment in your child's healthy smile. 
Ms. Corey is a Yooper, and graduate of Northern Michigan University. Outside of the office you will find her spending time with her husband, hunting, and making you hungry telling you about the wonderful dinner she just cooked!


Ms. Karla - Insurance and Scheduling Coordinator

MsKarla (1 of 1)Ms. Karla is our magical scheduling and insurance wizard!
A Yooper by choice, Ms. Karla moved here from Chicago at an early age. Ms. Karla has been bringing her three children, Meghan, Isabelle, and Marvin to Marquette Pediatric Dentistry since the beginning!
When not working, Karla enjoys gardening, grilling, hammock-ing, time spent with her husband, Marvin, and her three children. Ms. Karla is proud to be with us at MPD, and we are lucky to have her!

Miss Elysa - Dental Ninja (and Future Dentist!)

MissElysa.jpgMiss Elysa is one of our incredible Dental Ninjas! Her main goal: provide a fun environment for you and your children. 
Miss Elysa is close to our hearts here at MPD. A patient of ours for 10 years, the fun environment and learning from Dr. Erika was all Miss Elysa needed. She plans to become a pediatric dentist, and what better way to learn than being another fantastic part of our team!